Waste and Recycling Terms and Conditions

Garden waste subscription service

  1. The paid garden waste subscription is for a 12 month period to collect garden waste every two weeks.

  2. We are unable to provide direct debit payments for new subscriptions, payment should be by card.

  3. When you first subscribe or join again after a break in service, we will aim to add you onto the round within 14 days of your sign-up.

  4. We will refund payment of your new subscription if you request it within 14 days of purchase.  We will collect the garden waste bin if one has been supplied as part of the subscription purchase.

  5. You can withdraw from the service at any time, however no refunds will be issued if you terminate your contract part way through the service year.

  6. If you apply for a concessionary rate and are not on Council tax support or Housing benefit we will cancel your request and may refer it to our Fraud team.

  7. The collection service applies to domestic households only. This is subject to suitable access for the crew and at the Council's discretion.

  8. Commercial properties and activities are excluded from the garden waste collection scheme.

  9. If you move house within Elmbridge you can request to transfer your subscription to your new house.

  10. If bad weather or some other circumstance stops us from emptying your bin(s), we reserve the right to suspend collections without warning. The crews will not return to collect until the next scheduled collection day. Refunds will not be made in these circumstances.

  11. We reserve the right to suspend collections without warning for up to 2 weeks over the Christmas period depending on annual circumstances.

  12. We reserve the right to modify any Terms and Conditions to the service or the annual subscription charge. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to affect, nor will affect, a customer's statutory rights.

  13. As part of a new subscription, garden waste bins will be provided on loan; if you terminate your subscription or do not renew it and you have a garden waste bin that you have not purchased, you will receive a letter informing you that your loaned bin will be collected within 5 working days of the termination or lapsed subscription.

  14. Bins containing the wrong waste or that are too heavy to lift will not be collected.

  15. We only collect waste that is placed in the brown-topped bin(s). Bin lids must be closed otherwise the bin is not safe to empty. If your bin is too full for the lid to shut, remove some items until it closes.  Any extra waste left for collection will not be picked up.

  16. If you wish to change your subscription and increase the service, for example from a single bin service to a two bin or more service, your current subscription will be terminated, no refund offered, and a new annual subscription created at the current service subscription prices.

Bulky waste

  1. No refunds can be given if the service is cancelled within 24 hours of your appointment.

  2. Requests to cancel a collection will only be accepted by telephone. 

  3. The collection service applies to domestic households only. This is subject to suitable access for the crew and at the Council's discretion

  4. Bookings once made cannot be changed. If you want to have more items collected you will need to make a new booking for them.

  5. Items are only collected from outside of your house.

  6. We need clear and level access to where you will leave your items and cannot remove bulky items from up/down stairs. If the items are not left in a suitable location then we will not be able to collect them.

  7. We will only collect items listed in the booking form. 

  8. If you apply for a concessionary rate and are not on Council tax support or Housing Benefit we will cancel your request and my refer it to our Fraud team.

Wheeled bin policy

We will only collect waste from wheeled bins. 

Replacing damaged bins

Wheeled bins more than 10 years old

Wheeled bins are guaranteed for 10 years.

Any damage caused after this time will be considered as wear and tear and the bin will need to be replaced by you.
You can order a bin which we aim to deliver within 7 working days.

Wheeled bins less than 10 years old

We will only replace wheeled bins free of charge if the bin has been damaged by the collection crew and is unusable. In order for a bin to be replaced free of charge you will need to provide either proof of original purchase or confirmation of its age from the date of manufacture stamp. The date stamp is usually located on either the lid or front of the bin body.

On rare occasions we may refund payment of a new wheeled bin, but only within 14 days of purchase.  This excludes instances where the bin has been delivered outside the 7 working day period.

Householders' duty of care

Bins the contractor will empty

Our contractor will empty up to two recycling, two food waste and one rubbish bin from your property. Garden waste bins are ordered as part of the annual subscription service and will only be emptied if you have paid your annual subscription fee.

Householders' responsibility for ensuring collection of waste and recycling from your bins

  1. Make sure your bin is out on the edge of your property boundary by 6.30 am on your collection day. 

  2. Do not place your bins so as to cause a potential obstruction to cars, pedestrians or waste & recycling collection vehicles.

  3. Make sure your bins are not contaminated or too heavy to be lifted into a waste and recycling truck.  Find out what can go in your bin to make sure you do not contaminate it.  If you do contaminate your bin, remove the contaminating items and leave your bin out on the next collection day for that waste type. 

  4. Make sure your bin lid is closed, otherwise the bin is not safe to empty. If your bin is too full for the lid to shut, remove some items until it closes.

Waste taken away by someone else

If you arrange for someone to take away any waste from your home or garden, you are required by law to check that they are a licensed waste carrier. If you do not use a licensed waste carrier, you may find that your waste is fly tipped – involving you in a criminal activity for which you could be prosecuted and fined up to £50,000. You can check the list of registered waste carriers here.

Alleged damage by the Council's waste collection contractor

If you think your vehicle or property has been damaged by an Amey (our contractor) vehicle,  please call 0300 303 1077 to submit a claim directly to Amey’s insurance company, Sopp and Sopp. Otherwise please complete this form.  Any legal liability for damage lies with our collectors (Amey) and they will respond to any claim you submit.  

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