Replace a resident permit

Replace a resident permit due to a change of vehicle

To replace your permit you will need to pay £15 and provide:

  • an image of your old permit crossed out
  • proof of vehicle ownership showing your address

Proof of vehicle ownership include: 

  • Vehicle Registration Document
  • Motor Insurance Document

N.B. If you are just changing your car and keeping the same registration licence plate, you do not need to apply for a replacement permit, please display your current one.

Replace a resident permit because it is lost or stolen

To replace a lost or stolen permit you will need to pay £15 and provide details of what happened to your permit. 

Replace a resident permit because you have moved from one CPZ to another

If you have a parking permit for your old address and need one for your new address, you will need to cancel your old permit and apply for a new one at the new address.

Payment and terms

These Terms & Conditions are for the operation of Resident Permits, Resident Parking Places and Controlled Parking Zones.

  1. You will be charged £15 to get a replacement permit.

  2. The Council will cancel and invalidate the Permit if it is deliberately misused, altered or defaced.

  3. The Permit is only valid for the vehicle registration detailed on the Permit, whilst the vehicle and resident are registered at the address provided at the time of application.

  4. A Penalty Charge Notice may be issued to any vehicle when parked incorrectly within the Residents' Scheme, and for the improper use of a Permit.

  5. It will normally take five working days to process your permit on receipt of all correct information; please use visitor parking permits in the interim.

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