Hollyhedge pay on exit

The Council car park at Hollyhedge Road in Cobham is undergoing a refurbishment, including resurfacing works, electric car charging points, adding additional bays and an entry/exit barrier system. Access onto Downside Bridge Road will be closed during the refurbishment period. Once the onsite works are completed, we will provide further information on when the car park will be operational and when the pay on exit system will be introduced.

Visitors will then benefit from a more flexible way of parking, as the new car park will have a ticketless system on the entrance and exit. The way motorists use this car park will change, as it will not be a requirement to purchase a ‘pay and display’ ticket on entering the car park. Instead, payment can be made when returning to the car park at one of the pay points on Hollyhedge Road.

We apologise for any inconvenience while the refurbishment takes place. 

How will the pay on exit system work?

The automated number plate recognition cameras will read the registration number of your vehicle when you enter the car park.  You will be able to pay for the duration of your stay when you return to the car park at a pay point by entering your vehicle registration number. The pay point will present you with the cost of your stay and payment can be made using either cash or card.

Alternatively, virtual permits will be available to purchase in advance for regular users. Further information on this option will be made available before the pay on exit system becomes operational. This includes details on how you can register and pay for a virtual park permit.

See Hollyhedge Road refurbishment plan

Frequently asked questions

Blue badge holders

Q. I am a blue badge holder, will I still get free parking in Hollyhedge Road car park?

A. Yes. Blue badge holders can register one vehicle with us (please register the car you most regularly use). This will enable the driver to enter and exit the car park without the need to visit a pay station. To register, you will need to provide us with the vehicle registration number and a copy of the front and back of your Blue Badge. Once your vehicle is registered, the cameras will read your number plate, know you are a Blue Badge holder and let you exit automatically. Further details on how to do this will be provided shortly.

Q. Do I still need to display my badge?

 A. Yes, please ensure the badge is clearly displayed so the relevant information can be read.


Q. I currently park using the MiPermit system and have an annual virtual permit.  What will happen when the pay on exit system comes into operation?

A. When the pay on exit system starts working, MiPermit virtual permits will no longer be accepted in Hollyhedge Road car park.  A refund for the unused days (pro-rata) will be issued.

Q. Will there be a replacement permit system to use instead of MiPermit?

A. Yes. Regular users of this car park will be able to purchase a new virtual permit that will allow them to use the car park without the need to pay on a daily basis. Further details will be provided shortly, including how to register for a virtual permit and the payment options.


Q. How can I pay for parking?

A. You can pay by cash or card at the payment machine, however, RingGo will not be an option once the pay on exit system is operational. Further details will be provided shortly regarding the alternative payment options. 


Q. Can I park my motorbike in the car park for free?

A. Yes. Motorbikes can park in Hollyhedge Road car park free of charge.  You will be able to ride past the short-armed barriers and will need to park in the specific marked motorcycle bays. 


Q. How can I keep up to date with the Hollyhedge Road car park developments? 

A. Our website is the best place to find out the latest information regarding all the changes taking place in Hollyhedge Road. We will also keep you up to date through information signs in the car park and through social media.

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