Apply for a resident permit

Proof of residence and vehicle ownership

To issue a parking permit we will need to see proof of residence and vehicle ownership, you will need to provide one item from each of the lists below.

Proof of vehicle ownership, vehicle registration, the address the vehicle is registered to and your name as registered keeper.

  • Vehicle Registration Document
  • Motor Insurance Document (must include your address)

Proof of residence showing the address the permit will be issued for

  • V5 log book
  • Driving licence
  • Council tax bill
  • Utility bill no more than 3 months old (not mobile phone bill)
  • Benefits agency statement
  • Pension book
  • Tenancy Agreement (not more than 3 months old and signed by you and landlord)
  • Solicitor's Completion Letter (if property purchased within last 3 months)

If you upload all your correct evidence with your application before 5:30pm you can park your car the next day. Please note that we can only accept evidence in.jpg format.

If you upload all your correct evidence with your application after 5:30pm you can park your car two days later. Please note that we can only accept evidence in.jpg format.

If you cannot upload proofs or do not upload all valid proofs, they must be supplied within 7 days and you will not be able to park until you have received your permit. If these are not supplied, we will refund your payment and you will need to apply again to park.

Some residents may be able to apply for an off-peak season ticket to park in one of the town car parks.      

Payment and restrictions

The first permit is £50, subsequent permits are £75 each.

The number of permits issued to a household is limited and will be calculated by the number of vehicles registered minus the number of off street spaces at that property.

Terms and conditions

These Terms & Conditions are for the operation of Resident Permits, Resident Parking Places and Controlled Parking Zones.

  1. The Council will cancel and invalidate the Permit if it is deliberately misused, altered or defaced.
  2. The Permit is only valid for the vehicle registration detailed on the Permit, whilst the vehicle and resident are registered at the address provided at the time of application.
  3. A Penalty Charge Notice may be issued to any vehicle when parked incorrectly within the Residents' Scheme, and for the improper use of a Permit. 

On-street resident permits are going digital

Within the next few months a digital parking permit system called MiPermit will be introduced.The MiPermit system enables residents who live in controlled parking zones to buy and manage digital on-street Resident and Visitor Permits online or via their mobile device. The new system is easy to use, giving greater control:

  • Activating an on-street permit will be immediate - park as soon as payment is made.

  • You are no longer required to display a paper permit.

  •  Saves paper, printing and postage

  • If you change vehicle, updating the Permit takes a couple of minutes by changing the registration details in your online account.

 When it is time to buy your MiPermit digital parking Permit, you will need your Council Tax account number. If you do not know your number, the person named on the bill can request a copy of your bill.

Our Commitments

Your permit will be posted within 5 working days once we have received the full application, with payment and all valid proofs. We will contact you if we are unable to process your request. 

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