Borough and county responsibilities

As part of Surrey, Elmbridge operates in a two-tier system of local government, with some services provided by Surrey County Council across the county; and other services provided by Elmbridge Borough Council in Elmbridge. Some functions and responsibilities are shared.

Claygate also has a parish council.

All tiers work together to deliver services.

Elmbridge Borough Council responsibilities

  • Collection of council tax and business rates
  • Environmental health
  • Licensing
  • Housing
  • Leisure and culture
  • Planning
  • Waste collection
  • Community support and centres for the community
  • Benefits and support
  • Off street parking
  • Environmental enforcement
  • Economic development

Surrey County Council responsibilities

  • Birth, marriage and death registration
  • Education
  • Fire
  • Highways – including on-street parking, traffic management, and street lighting
  • Libraries
  • Recreation, arts and museums
  • Social care
  • Strategic planning
  • Trading standards
  • Transport
  • Waste disposal

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