Housing benefit payments

Claimants whose rent is payable weekly will normally receive their Housing Benefit payments every 4 weeks in arrears. This amount will be 4x your weekly housing benefit award.

If your rent is payable monthly, we will pay you monthly, normally on the last Monday of the month. We pay in arrears, so the payment will cover the days in that month. If the Monday is a bank holiday we will pay you slightly earlier. When we first award you housing benefit, your first payment will normally cover a shorter period. This is to make sure you get your first payment quickly.

Your weekly housing benefit is multiplied by 52 weeks, then divided by the days in the year (normally 365, but 366 in a leap year), then multiplied by the number of days the payment covers.

Please see the examples below:

Mr Smith's weekly housing benefit is £183.46

His payment for August (a 31 day month) would be £810.03, and is worked out as follows:

  • £183.46 x 52 weeks = £9,539.92 per year £9,539.92

  • £9,539.92 divided by 365 days = £26.13 per day, £26.13 x 31 days in August = £810.03 per calendar month

Mrs Jones' weekly Housing Benefit is £183.46

Her payment for June (a 30 day month) would be £783.90 and is worked out as follows:

  • £183.46 x 52 weeks = £9,539.92 per year

  • £9,539.92 divided by 365 days = £26.13 per day £26.13 x 30 days in June = £783.90 per calendar month

February payments

If we pay you calendar monthly, please note as we pay you for the amount of days in the payment period and as February is a 28 day month you will receive a slightly lower payment than you receive in a 30 or 31 day month.

If the last Monday of the month is a bank holiday, your payment will made on the next working day.

Calendar monthly payment dates
 Date of payment  Days in month
 29 January 2018  31
 26 February 2018  28
 26 March 2018  31
 30 April 2018  30
 29 May 2018  31
 25 June 2018  30
 30 July 2018  31
 28 August 2018  31
 24 September 2018  30
 29 October 2018  31
 24 November 2018  30

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