The Council Tax Support scheme

The national Council Tax Benefit scheme came to an end on 31 March 2013, and has been replaced with our own locally decided Council Tax Support scheme. This followed a reduction in money from the government for the scheme.

The local Council Tax Support Scheme is subject to the nationally prescribed rules and regulations.

A new Council Tax Support Scheme has been devised to consolidate changes/amendments to legislation and, in particular, to formalise the effect of Universal Credit (UC).

Working Age households will have to pay something towards their council tax unless they are a protected group.

We are committed to pay out less overall than previous years and the scheme includes the following reductions:

  • Low income pension age claimants can continue to be assessed based on 100% of their council tax charge
  • Vulnerable groups on the lowest incomes can continue to receive assistance based on 100% of their council tax charge
  • Support is restricted to the level of a council tax band D charge
  • Claimants who live in a band G or H property are not eligible for Council Tax support, unless they are in receipt of a qualifying disability benefit
  • Claimants who have a child under 5 included in their household or where the claimant or partner who are working on a low income will have their Council Tax support claim based on 95% of their annual council tax liability.

For more details please see the 2020-2021 Council Tax Support Scheme

Telephone appointment

If you would like a phone appointment to discuss your circumstances, please request an appointment.  You will need your benefit account number.

Protections for households affected by disabilities

Where a customer receives either a carer premium, disabled premium or disabled earnings disregard within their entitlement, they will be protected and not have to pay more.

Where to get help with managing your money

The Council is working with both the local Citizens Advice Bureaux to ensure that anyone who feels that they may have problems being able to manage their money can receive money management advice. You can contact either the Walton-on-Thames branch on 01932 248660 or the Esher Branch on 01372 464770.

Where to get help with employment

The Council is working with both local Job Centre Plus offices to provide the support to help people back into work or to increase their hours. You can contact the Job Centre using the free phone number 0800 055 6688.

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