Council Tax support for UC customers

Are you applying for Universal Credit (UC)?

Please ensure you inform DWP that you want to apply for council tax support (CTS). Do not submit an application - when the DWP tell us about your UC award, we will assess your eligibility for council tax support.  If you are eligible, we will send you a revised council tax bill.

Are you living in temporary or supported accommodation?

If you are living in temporary accommodation placed by our Housing team or in a hostel or sheltered accommodation, please apply for council tax support using this online form.

Are you currently in receipt of Universal credit (UC)?

You can claim council tax support as long as you are registered and liable to pay council tax.  You can apply whether you rent or own your home, but you must actually live there and it must be your only or main place of residence.

If you have not yet told us that you are liable for council tax, please complete the change of address form.  We will send you your 8-digit council tax account number and you can then apply for council tax support.

If you already have a council tax account

You will need the following to submit your application:

  • Your 8-digit council tax account number starting with 2; If you do not know your account number (which you will find on a bill), you can apply for a copy bill.
  • National insurance number for both you and a partner living at the address

Your online application must be fully completed to validate the claim.  When you have submitted your application, we may need to contact your for further evidence to support your claim.

Apply for council tax support and in receipt of UC

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