Council Tax Support

Who can claim?

You can only claim Council Tax Support if you are liable to pay council tax.

You cannot get Council Tax Support if you have capital of over £16,000, unless you are already receiving the guaranteed part of the Pension Credit. Capital means savings, land, property or anything else which council provide you with income.

In terms of claiming Council Tax Support:

  • you must be on a low income
  • it doesn't matter whether you are in work or not
  • you can be employed or self-employed
  • you can get Council Tax Support even if you do not receive any other benefits
  • you may be single or have a partner
  • you may be a pensioner
  • you do not need to have paid any National Insurance contributions

Most students do not qualify for Council Tax Support, but there are a few exceptions. You cannot claim Council Tax Support for a second home. 

How much support could I receive?

To work out your award, we will look at the following:

  • Money you and your partner have coming in (earnings, benefits, tax credits and pensions)

  • Your savings and your partner's savings

  • You personal circumstances (age, disability, having children and other people living in the household)

When you move in

Council tax support is awarded from the date you move into your home. If your tenancy or ownership starts before you move in, you will have to pay full council tax for the days before you move in.

Example: If your tenancy started on 1 April but you did not move into your home until 5 April, you are liable to pay council tax from 1 April and any council tax support awarded would start from 5 April.

When you move out

Council tax support will stop from the day you move out of your home. You will have to pay full council tax for the days after you move out if you move before your tenancy ends or the completion date if you are selling.

Example: If your tenancy ended on 5 April but you moved out of your home on 1 April, your council tax support will end on 1 April and you will be liable to pay council tax until 5 April.

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