Bulky waste collection


If your items could be used by someone else, you can arrange a collection by contacting Kingston Community Furniture as part of the Surrey Reuse Network. If your items cannot be reused, you can pay us to collect them.    We are unable to collect items from a commercial property.  

Charges for bulky waste collection

  • 1 item: £30 (concessions* £15)
  • 2 items: £40 (concessions*  £20)
  • 3 items: £50 (concessions*  £25)
  • 4 items: £60 (concessions* £30) 
  • 5 items: £70 (concessions* £35)
  • 6 items: £80 (concessions* £40)  
  • 7 items: £90 (concessions* £45)
  • 8 items: £100 (concessions* £50)
  • 9 items: £110 (concessions* £55)
  • 10 items: £120 (concessions* £60)       

*If you receive Council Tax Support or Housing Benefit, you may be entitled to a concessionary rate.
You will need to provide your Council Tax account number or your Housing Benefit reference number. 

If you apply for a concessionary rate and are not on Council tax support or Housing Benefit we will cancel your request and my refer it to our Fraud team.

Collecting your items

  • Collections are made from outside your house.

  • Your items should be outside your property before 6.30 am on the collection day and there must be access to those items for collection.

  • No refunds can be given if the service is cancelled within 24 hours of your appointment.

  • We’ll collect the items on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

We only collect from a standard list of bulky items.

Please read our bulky waste collection terms and conditions before booking.

It’s free to take furniture or other bulky waste to your nearest tip.

Our Commitment

We will collect your bulky waste items from outside your property on the day you have selected.

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