Bonfires, smells and lights

If you are experiencing a problem with smoke, smells, dust or light you can report them to us.

For us to take action a problem needs to be a ‘statutory nuisance’ which means it happens more than once, occurs over a period of time and affects you on your own property/premises.

We cannot investigate one-off occurrences.

If you are experiencing a problem

  1. Try to find out where it’s coming from and if possible, either discuss the problem with the property owner or write a polite letter (remember to keep a copy).
  2. If there is no improvement, you will need to gather evidence to support your case. Use the nuisance record sheets (Bonfire or Noise) to record incidences - photos/videos are always useful.
  3. Lastly, once you have 3 or more weeks evidence you can register your complaint.

We will then make contact with the person/business being complained about and begin an investigation. Your evidence can be submitted to court during this process and you may also need to attend. If a 'statutory nuisance' is confirmed then an abatement notice preventing further nuisance can be served.

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