Alcohol and entertainment licences

Premises licence application

To provide late night refreshments, regulated entertainment or sell or supply alcohol, you need a licence from the Local Authority.

If alcohol is sold or supplied you are required to name a designated premises supervisor on your premises licence and ensure that all alcohol sales are authorised by a personal licence holder (see below for personal licence applications).

Once granted, premises licences are on-going and do not need to be renewed, although an annual fee will be payable.

To make an application see:

Transfer a premises licence

If you sell your business, you will need to transfer the licence to another person or company.

Designated premises supervisor applications

Variation to a premises licence

Minor variation to a premises licence

Notification of interest

Other forms/guidance

Large-scale events

If you are planning a large-scale event (e.g. a pop concert) we would ask that you provide very early notice to both the Licensing Authority and the responsible authorities before you submit an application for a premises licence. Further information on large-scale events is contained in the Home Office guidance under the Licensing Act 2003.

Further information

Personal licence application

A personal licence permits a specified person to sell alcohol or allow the sale of alcohol at a premises that has a valid premises licence. You may only hold one personal licence which must be issued by the Local Authority where you ordinarily live.

You will need a personal licence:

  • if you are designated as the premises supervisor on a premises licence for a premises where alcohol is to be sold

  • if you want to sell alcohol under a premises licence or authorise others to sell alcohol under a premises licence

  • if you want to give up to ten late temporary event notices (TENs) or up to fifty TENs in total in a calendar year

To qualify for a personal licence, applicants must:

To make an application see:

Club premises certificate application

Club premises certificates are issued in respect of private social, sporting or political members clubs and authorise the supply of alcohol and provision of (regulated) entertainment to members and their guests. There is no requirement for a designated premises supervisor.
To make an application see:

Also see: Temporary event notice      

Responsible authorities

Download the List of responsible authorities for Elmbridge applications under the Licensing Act

For further information, please contact us or telephone 01372 474 748.

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