Problem with a private rented property

If you have any disrepair problems with your rented property, you should contact your landlord/agent in the first instance. Depending on the urgency, allow up to 14 days for the disrepair to be investigated.

If your landlord does not respond to your verbal requests for repairs to be carried out, you can follow up the request in writing. The following letters can be adapted for you to use:

Emails, text messages, screen shots and photos are often the best way to notify the landlord, and our templates can be adapted to use those formats.

We recommend that you keep a copy of any letters, emails or messages you send to your landlord for your records.

If your landlord refuses to carry out essential repairs and they have not responded to your spoken and written requests, please contact We can talk to them on your behalf or take action against them. We may also send out an officer to check the property is safe.

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