Customer service performance

We welcome contact by phone or visit to the civic centre in Esher, however customers prefer to use online services when reporting issues, raising service requests and making payments.

Year 2017-18 customer service performance


Service requests reported online

Service requests reported by phone

Making payments using automated phone service, direct debit or online

Qtr 1: Apr- Jun 2017




Qtr 2: July - Aug 2017




 Qtr 3: Sep-Dec 2017




Qtr 4: Jan - Mar 2017




It is important we understand our customer experience when using council services to improve our service delivery and provide value for money.

Feedback may be asked after calling the council by sending you a text message or by automated phone call. We may also ask for feedback when using our online services.

It is important to us that we answer your phone call in a timely manner.

Time taken to answer 2017-18.png
A graft depicting customers' percentage satisfaction with the time taken to answer calls by quarter in 2017-18
It is important to us that we provide you with the level of service you expect and take action to improve when you tell us we don't.
Call experience 2017-18.png
Graph depicting customer percentage satisfaction with calls broken down into adviser friendly, contact once only, adviser efficient, within expected deadlines and overall satisfaction with service
Online experience 2017-18 graph

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