Street naming and numbering

We have a responsibility to name streets, number properties and manage property address changes.

We carry out this statutory function under Sections 17, 18 and 19 of the Public Health Act of 1925. This legislation requires the Local Authority to prepare street naming and numbering schemes and to maintain a good standard of street nameplates. Both are essential for the efficient functioning of postal and emergency services as well as for the convenience and safety of the general public.

For guidance on policy and procedures please read our  street naming and numbering policy.

Adding or changing the name of your property

Please use the online form for addition or change of name of property to:

  • name your numbered property

  • change the name of your numbered property

  • change the name of your named property

New developments

Please use the online form for new developments to:

  • address individual properties in a new development

  • address properties resulting from the sub-division or merge of existing properties

  • address properties and name a new street or streets

Renaming your street

Renaming or renumbering a street will only be considered if there is 100% agreement from the residents. See our  street naming and numbering policy for details. Contact GIS team for further guidance.

Street nameplates 

It is the responsibility of the developer to finance the street nameplates for a new road. The Council will then be responsible for their maintenance.

Please fill in the online form to report damage to a street nameplate or to request a new one.

Other road signs are the responsibility of Surrey County Council.


Royal Mail is responsible for issuing postcodes. They will only allocate the postcodes once they have received an official naming and numbering plan from the Council.

Royal Mail will hold new addresses on the NYB (Not Yet Built) file until the property is complete and mail can be delivered. Please contact us once the property is complete and we will instruct Royal Mail to make the address live on the PAF (Postcode Address File).

Confirmation of address

Please fill in the online form for confirmation of address to receive confirmation of an official address.


We charge for all street naming and numbering services to ensure costs incurred to provide the service are recovered.

All street naming and numbering fees will increase annually (every April) in line with Consumer Price Inflation.

The table below shows the current charges:  

Description  Charges
 Property naming/renaming  £52
 Confirmation of address  £42
 A new development flat rate charge (not including a new street name)  £260 plus ...

First 1 - 5 properties  

 £37 per property

 Next 6-10 properties  

 £35 per property

Next 11+ properties  

 £32 per property
 Naming a new street (or streets if in the same development)  £312 plus ...

First 1-5 properties 

 £37 per property

 Next 6-10 properties  

 £35 per property

 Next 11 + properties 

 £32 per property
 Renaming a street  £210 + £27 per property
 Amending the numbering/naming schedule once agreed
 (and prior to the Building Control Completion date)

 £27 per plot


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