Recycling collection - what goes in my bin

If you are unsure which bin to put something in or where to take it, use the above search tool to find out. See also below for the common items can or cannot be recycled.

Cardboard that won’t fit into your bin should be flattened and tied in a bundle. Please leave this next to your bin. To keep it dry, you can put it in a clear bag (not a black or coloured bag). Put any cardboard stained/dirty with foodstuffs, grease, paint or dirt in your rubbish bin, this cannot be recycled.   

Recycling is collected every two weeks. The bins with a blue lid should be put out by 6.30 am on your collection day.

If you need a bin with a blue lid you can order one online.

Some items that can’t go in your recycling or rubbish bin can be taken to a community recycling centre (the tip).    

What happens to my recycling?

Recycling terms and conditions.

What can and cannot go in the (blue-lidded) recycling bin 

Yes please:

  • Dry paper

  • Dry cardboard

  • Metal tins/cans

  • Foil

  • Some plastic items - bottles, trays, pots, tubs

  • Glass bottles and jars

No thanks:

What can and cannot go in the food waste bin

We accept all food, meat, eggshells and teabags, but no liquids.  You can use any bag except black bin bags to line your caddy, including carrier bags, vegetable bags or pedal bin liners.

What can and cannot go in the garden waste bin

We accept grass cuttings, prunings, fallen leaves and cut flowers, but no soil and stones. Please do not use bin liners.  

Textiles and small electrical items collection

We accept clothes, home textiles, paired shoes, bags and belts, but no pillows or duvets.  These items must be clean, dry and fit into one small carrier bag that is placed next to your bin. Anything with a plug, anything battery-operated, chargers, but no lightbulbs. These items must fit into one small carrier bag.  Batteries can be put into a separate small bag. 

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