New or replacement bins

Bins emptied

We will empty up to two recycling, two food waste and one rubbish bin from your property. Garden waste bins are ordered as part of the annual subscription service.

Free containers

Recycling and food waste containers are provided free.

  • Kitchen caddy, standard, 7 litres

  • Kitchen caddy, large, 10 litres

  • Outdoor food waste bin, 23 litres     

What goes in your food bin.                          

 Recycling bins

Size of household   Height Width  Depth  Capacity 
1-2 people 
 110cm  48.5cm   55cm   140 litres
3-5 people
 110cm  58cm  72.5cm   240 litres

5+ people              

 111.5cm   62cm  85cm   360 litres


Containers you pay for

Rubbish bins are charged according to size.                             

Rubbish bin prices



Size of household Height  Width  Depth  Capacity 
£25 £12.50* Small
1-2 people
110cm  50.5cm  75.5cm 180 litres
£30 £15*

3-5 people

110cm 58cm  72.5cm  240 litres 
£60 £30*  Large
5+ people 
 111.5cm 62cm  85cm  360 litres 

*If you receive Council Tax Support or Housing Benefit, you may be entitled to a concessionary rate.  You will need to provide your Council Tax account number or your Housing Benefit reference number.

Please note refunds are not given for rubbish bins purchased in error.

Purchases are subject to our terms and conditions.

Our Commitment

Bins will be delivered within 7 working days following the order request. 

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