Local land charge searches

Local land charges searches are carried out by a solicitor or licensed conveyancer acting on behalf of a person buying selling land or property. 

The search is a series of standard questions designed to give any potential buyer as much information as possible about the property. Buyers can also ask the council for information not covered by the standard questions.

Requesting searches

Our preferred method of receiving local land charges searches is electronically via the National Land Information Service (NLIS). We are connected to NLIS at Level 3 which means that we are able to receive and return searches electronically.

Alternatively, you can make a payment for a search then contact local land charges with your completed search request form.

Email: lcharges@elmbridge.gov.uk

Searches requested by solicitors or licensed conveyancers – local land charges searches

The standard local land charges search is made up of three types of enquiries:

  • Obligations and restrictions (LLC1 form) - covers obligations and restrictions on the property imposed by the Local Authority which will be inherited by any subsequent owner e.g. tree preservation order, or listed building status

  • Standard enquiries (CON29R form) - covers things like planning history of the property, whether the road is publicly or privately maintained and whether there are any major road or rail proposals in the vicinity

  • Optional enquiries (CON29O form) - covers information about public paths or byways, houses in multiple occupation, hazardous substance consents and common land.  The questions are not relevant to all properties.

Restrictions, constraints and charges that may show in your search

  • planning agreements

  • enforcement notices

  • improvement grantsh

  • highway agreements

  • tree preservation orders

  • statutory listed buildings   

Answers to some of the questions contained within the search can also be found on:

Personal searches requested by private individuals or personal search agencies

A personal search is a search of the local land charges register only. To arrange for a personal search to be carried out at the Civic Centre, Esher, please notify us one working day in advance so that we can prepare your information. You will need to provide us with the address of the property or the parcel of land to be searched against.

Contact Land Charges

Land Charges
Elmbridge Borough Council
Civic Centre, High Street, Esher, Surrey KT10 9SD
Email: lcharges@elmbridge.gov.uk

Search fees from 1 April 2023

  • Basic search - £154.04 (inc VAT)

  • LLC1 only search - £32

  • CON29R (including highway enquiries) - £122.04 (inc VAT)
  • CON29O - £27.60 (inc VAT) per question
  • Additional enquiries - £24 each (inc VAT)
    (All additional highway enquiries should be referred direct to highwayinfo@surreycc.gov.uk)

  • Additional parcel of Land  - £33.50 (inc VAT)
    (VAT paid on fees associated with CON29R and CON29O only) 

  • Personal searches - No charge

A VAT receipt will be issued with each Local Authority search processed.

Searches we do not provide

Land Registry/Title search

If your enquiry relates to ownership of land, private covenants, restrictions on land or a title search including any matters relating to property boundaries you should contact HM Land Registry.

Drainage and water search

If your enquiry relates to whether the property is connected to a public water supply or is connected to a public sewer you should contact Thames Water Property Searches.

Pipelines search

If your enquiry relates to pipeline works you should contact linesearchbeforeudig.

Our Commitment

We will process your search within five working days.

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