Electric vehicle charging points

We are installing electric vehicle charging points in our main town centre car parks over the next few years.  The work includes the installation of new underground power cables that will allow extra charging points to be added where required.

Hollyhedge Road car park, Cobham

Four fast 11-22kW electric vehicle charging points are available at the Hollyhedge Road car park in Cobham.

Each twin charger provides a maximum 22kW to one vehicle, or 11kW to two vehicles when both sockets are in use.

The chargers operate on the Mer network with a tariff of 30p per kWh.  Parking charges apply during operational hours (8am-7pm, Monday to Saturday).

Use the Mer phone app to charge your vehicle on a ‘pay as you go’ basis or become a registered user with access to features such as monthly billing and your charging history. Visit the Mer website for details.

Future projects

We are working with Joju Solar to install chargers at Hollyhedge Road and other council car parks. The programme for the next 2 years includes:

  • Churchfield Road car park, Weybridge (due 2021/22)
  • Civic Centre car park, Esher (due 2021/22)
  • Drewitts Court car park, Walton on Thames (due 2022/23)

The move away from petrol and diesel towards electric-powered vehicles helps to reduce carbon emissions and improve our local air quality.

Expanding EV charging infrastructure is complex and involves stakeholders such as private businesses, distribution network operators, and local authorities. While we are installing EV charging points in key locations outlined above, we will also be working with partners such as Surrey County Council (SCC) to help expand the network where appropriate. Find out more by visiting SCC’s webpages.

Our Carbon Management and Reduction Plan supports the installation of EV charging points. Our Parking SPD also provides detailed guidance on EV charging. 

Read about steps we are taking to become carbon neutral and tackle climate change.

Do you want an electric vehicle charger on your street?

Surrey County Council is identifying areas of demand for on-street chargers. If you would like to see a charging point on your street or have ideas for other locations, please complete their online form.

More information

The Zap-map website and phone app provides details of other public charging points in the Elmbridge area and throughout the UK.  

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