Advice for health, social care and charity partners

There is a range of cost of living support for Elmbridge residents including:

Elmbridge cost of living fund

The Elmbridge cost of living fund aims to enable organisations to meet the increased demand for local voluntary, community and faith sector services and help those most in need.

For more information, please visit Elmbridge cost of living fund

Referral services

Many of cost of living services can be self-referred to by individuals, but some require a referral from a health or social care (or in some cases voluntary sector) professional:

  • Foodbanks will provide support for residents in a food crisis. Referrals must be made by a registered partner organisation (Health or Social Care support workers, Citizens Advice, churches and family centres)
  • Stripey Stork is a baby bank which provides clothes and equipment for children (from new born to 16). Please complete the Stripey Stork referral form on behalf of your client
  • Besom provide DIY services for home/garden issues, as well as providing donated furniture - make a referral on the Besom website
  • Walsingham Care provide financial support to Elmbridge residents over 60 who are living with long term illness or disability. They can provide funding for equipment, respite care, and contributions towards care costs including specialist care
  • Walton Charity provides grants to Elmbridge residents in need. Grants can be used to fund essential furniture/items, training and transport, and extra-curricular activities for young people
  • Weybridge Land Charity provides financial assistance to residents of Weybridge
  • The Community Foundation for Surrey has five funds to support local individuals

Support services for organisations

There are also support services available for charitable and community organisations supporting residents of the borough:

  • Walsingham Care provide Community Grants of up to £500 to organisations which help to alleviate social isolation and loneliness in older people
  • The Community Foundation also provides funding to local community groups
  • Surrey County Councilors have Members Allocations which they can use to support activities that benefit the local community.
  • Your Fund Surrey provides funding for community projects
  • more information about other sources of voluntary sector funding is available, please visit: voluntary sector funding 

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