Burial and grave choices

Information on the type of burial and grave choices available, including fees and charges.

Purchased graves

The grant of exclusive right of purchase to a grave space or cremated remains plot is purchased at the time of the interment. These rights give the grant owner the right of burial in a specific grave space and the right to allow further interments in the grave (space permitting). It is possible to have two burials in one grave space. Cremated remains may be interred in either a full size grave space or in a cremated remains plot.

For further information please contact us online.

Unpurchased graves

Where the grant of exclusive right of burial is not purchased, the deceased will be interred in a grave space with unrelated people. There are no memorial rights with unpurchased graves.

Lawn grave

Most of our new sections are designed as a lawn section. This means that the memorials are restricted to headstones only which are fixed onto a concrete beam that runs along the head of each row. We welcome individual choice on the type of stone and inscription.

Traditional grave

There are a few of this type of grave still available in the older sections in our cemeteries, except Long Ditton Cemetery which is a lawn type cemetery.  

On a traditional grave, full kerb memorials are permitted. There is usually an increased cost due to the maintenance of the memorial and the cost of removal and replacement following a subsequent burial.

Child grave

There are sections within the cemeteries especially for the interment of children. Alternatively, family grave spaces are available for the subsequent interment of the parents in the same grave.

Cremated remains plot

In the cremated remains sections, you can purchase a cremated remains plot which can accommodate up to two interments of cremated remains. A tablet only, no more than 18 inches square may be placed on the plot.

Alternatively, a full size grave space can be purchased which can inter up to six sets of cremated remains. It is possible to inter both full burials and cremated remains in a grave space together. 

Natural burial area

There is a natural burial area located within Long Ditton Cemetery on the boundary of Stokes Field. This area is managed as a meadowland where wild flowers and existing mature trees grow in order to encourage wildlife.

Certain regulations apply to the natural burial area, please ensure that you and your family understand these before choosing this option, see:

Buying a grave space

The term "buying a grave space" is often used and can be misunderstood. You won't actually own the land itself. The ownership of the cemetery land remains with the council. You will be purchasing the Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial in a grave space for a term of 99 years. As a registered owner of the Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial, you have the automatic right to be buried in the grave. You may also allow others to be buried in the grave (space permitting).

To view grave spaces you can meet the Cemetery Custodian who can show you those grave spaces available. There may be an additional charge if a grave space is selected out of rotation.

For more information see:


Anyone wishing to arrange for the removal of buried remains, including cremated remains will need to apply for an exhumation licence and/or a Bishops Faculty.

For further information, please view our guidance notes. To apply, see GOV.UK: Apply for an exhumation licence or call  020 3334 6390 or 020 3334 6388 or email coroners@justice.gsi.gov.uk.