Street parties

Parties on the highway

If your street party is taking place on the road or public highway you will need to apply for a Temporary Road Closure Notice. It's free and once granted will allow you to close the road to passing traffic for the duration of your event, you need to give at least 6 weeks' notice.

Parties on private land

If you are holding your party on private land or off the road you will not need a Road Closure Notice.

Charging admission and public events

If you are charging admission or opening the event to the general public you will need a Temporary Event Notice which costs £21.

Do I need a licence?

If you are providing all of your own food and drink at your street party and there won't be any live music you don't need to worry about licensing.

Regardless of where your event is held if your street party includes:

  • more than 500 people

  • the sale of alcohol

  • live music

  • hot food or drink served after 11pm

You will need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice.

If you are selling tickets in advance for a raffle, you may need a lottery registration but if you are selling tickets for a raffle/tombola for a charity or good cause on the day and your prizes are less than £500, then you probably won't need further permission to do so.

What else?

Guidance on planning and organising street parties is provided on the Gov.UK website.

For any street party we recommend you get insurance giving cover of at least 5 million per claim.

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