Recycling banks and the tip

Some Surrey community recycling centres (tip/dumps)

Surrey County Council are introducing a phased reopening of their community recycling centres.  Please note the limit to numbers allowed on site, waste accepted and revised opening hours.

For more details about the phased reopening and who to contact if necessary, please see Surrey County Council's press release. 

Charges at community recycling centres (tip/dumps)

There are charges to dispose of some types of non-household waste at community recycling centres.

Your nearest community recycling centres

Bring banks - food and drink carton recycling

A bring bank in Elmbridge

You can recycle food and drinks cartons through two new ‘bring banks’ in Elmbridge:

  • Mayfield Road, Hersham next to Walton-on-Thames train station
  • Heath South car park, Weybridge

Residents can use these to recycle items that cannot be placed in their blue recycling bins:

  • Juice and milk cartons
  • Paper cups including coffee cups
  • Other beverage cartons
  • Soup, tomato and other food cartons

Many of these items are commonly known as ‘Tetrapaks’ or ‘Elopaks’.

These two bring banks are with us on a trial basis (up to 6 months) and we will assess the benefits of the scheme, the quantity of items collected, as well as the the transport and carbon emissions involved.

We want this to be a success and we ask that you help us in the following ways:

  • Wash, Squash and Cap your cartons to maximise the numbers that can be collected.
  • Do not: put any other waste in the banks, such as paper, glass, or cans.
  • Do not: leave any cartons next to the banks if they are full (this is fly tipping which is an additional cost to the council).You can take them to a Community Recycling Centre (CRC) (see links above).  

Recycling on your doorstep

Most residents now benefit from a weekly kerbside collection of textiles and small electrical items alongside their usual recycling collection.

If you cannot fit your recycling in your blue-lidded recycling bin, you can:

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