Renew garden waste subscription

Annual renewal charges for subscriptions  

  • One bin service no changes
    Annual subscription: £49
    Concessionary rate*: £24.50
  • Two bin service no changes
    Annual subscription: £93
    Concessionary rate*: £46.50
  • Three bin service no changes
    Annual subscription: £137
    Concessionary rate*: £68.50
  • Two sack service**
    Annual subscription: £49
    Concessionary rate*: £24.50

*If you receive Council Tax Support or Housing Benefit you may be entitled to a concessionary rate. You will need to provide your Council Tax account number or your Housing Benefit reference number.

If you apply for a concessionary rate and are not on Council tax support or Housing Benefit we will cancel your request and my refer it to our Fraud team.

This service is subject to the garden waste terms and conditions,

If your subscription has lapsed because you have not renewed in time, you will be treated as a new customer and will need to join the garden waste collection service again.

Changing your subscription

You can use this form to change your subscription and increase the number of bins you want to have collected.  Please note that you will create a new annual subscription that will run and be charged for a year from today's date at the prices shown above.

Other enquiries 

Existing customers who want to cancel their subscription, move house within the borough or have a damaged/missing garden waste bin should contact Customer Services on 01372 474474.

What we collect

  • grass cuttings

  • garden prunings

  • leaves

  • small twigs

  • dead plants/weeds

  • branches up to 7 cm (3") thick

  • Christmas tree cut up (lid must close)

Our Commitment

Your garden waste collection will continue if you renew your subscription by the expiry date on your reminder.

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