Missed bins

Please do not report a missed collection before 4pm on your collection day.  

You can report a missed bin up to 2 working days after your due collection day.
For example, if your collection day is Monday you can report a missed bin up to 11.59pm on Wednesday; if your collection day is on Friday you can report a missed bin up to 11.59pm on Tuesday.

Report a missed bin

After you have reported

Once you have reported your missed bin collection, make sure your bin is out on the edge of the property. We will collect it as soon as possible. We will let you know whether it has been collected or not.

Your bins will not be collected if:

  • they are not out on the correct collection day before 6.30 am. (You can check your collection day on My Neighbourhood)
  • they contain items we don’t collect
  • they are too heavy to be tipped into the truck. You may have to lighten the content before we can return to empty it
  • the bin lid is not closed. Bin lids need to be closed otherwise the bin is not safe to empty. If your bin is too full for the lid to shut, remove some items until it closes.

The crew will not be able to collect any recycling placed in black bags.

Missed medical waste collection

To report a missed medical waste collection, please contact Customer Services on 01372 474474.

Our Commitment

Once you have reported your missed bin we will pick it up by the end of the next working day.  Please leave it out for collection.

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