Food waste collection service

You should have two food waste bins, a small silver caddy for use in your kitchen, and a larger green bin to keep outside. Both bins have a handle that locks the lid. 

Food waste is collected every week, on the same day as your refuse or recycling by a separate vehicle. Bins should be put out by 6.30 am on your collection day.

If you need a caddy you can order a caddy online.

What is collected as food waste

All food waste, including:

  • food in its plastic bag packaging, e.g. bread or salad bags
  • meal leftovers
  • fruit and vegetable peelings
  • bones, fat and gristle
  • teabags
  • eggshells
  • mouldy and out-of-date food 

We cannot collect:

  • packaging of any kind (except plastic bags as mentioned above)
  • liquids (including oil or fat) 
  • black bags into the bin

Lining your indoor caddy or food bin

You don’t have to line your caddy or food bin but if you want to then you can use:

  • plastic bags, including carrier bags, vegetable and salad bags and pedal bin liners
  • newspaper
  • compostable liners

and on your collection day we will collect these with the food waste when transferred to your outdoor food bin

Please don't use black bin bags to line your caddy or outdoor food bin.

Flats and communal properties

Unfortunately the service isn’t available to all flats at the moment. Check My Neighbourhood to find out what we collect from you.

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