Physical activity and leisure facilities strategies

Elmbridge has a physical activity strategy – getting Elmbridge moving - and a leisure facilities strategy. Both strategies aim to improve physical activity levels in Elmbridge. 

The current situation

In Elmbridge, 1 in 3 adults and more than 2 in 5 children and young people (aged 5 to 15 years) do not currently meet the recommended amount of physical activity, as set by the UK Chief Medical Officers (Department of Health and Social Care, 2019). 

Historically, physical activity levels differ between people based on their gender, economic prosperity, ethnicity and age. In Elmbridge, there are higher levels of inactivity in the following groups:

  • women
  • older adults
  • people from ethnically diverse communities 
  • underprivileged groups
  • people with disabilities and chronic diseases

Elmbridge is a relatively healthy borough, however, some health conditions have a higher prevalence such as breast cancer, colon cancer, dementia and emergency admissions for hip fracture.

2020 has been unprecedented with the negative impact of COVID-19 on both physical and mental wellbeing. There is evidence that the pandemic has widened health inequalities, particularly for residents who are disabled and financially disadvantaged (Sport England, 2020).

'Getting Elmbridge moving' vision

Our vision is for Elmbridge to be a borough where everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of living an active life. By 2031 we want to be the most active borough in Surrey. We want all Elmbridge residents to have great opportunities to access a diverse range of physical activities to improve both their physical and mental wellbeing no matter what their personal circumstances.

Aims and objectives 

1 - Recover and reinvent  
We will emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic a stronger and fairer borough

2 - An active life is a healthy life 
We will enable people to live an active life and will strengthen the connection between physical activity and health and wellbeing

3 - Fairer access to physical activity
We will create a fairer, active Elmbridge for all, where no-one is less active because of who they are or where they live

4 - Strengthening communities 
We will work in partnership to create active communities. We will bring people together, create identity and develop people’s confidence and skills through engaging in physical activity.

5 - Active environments 
We will make it easy for people in Elmbridge to be active in the space around them.

To deliver the 'Get Elmbridge moving' strategy, we will work collaboratively with health professionals, community groups and  other partners. Their help will be critical in helping Elmbridge residents to become more active.

Together and despite the challenges caused by COVID-19, we will work towards making sport and physical activity more accessible by reducing barriers and providing local and more bespoke activities.

An annual action plan will be developed to record the impact in helping reduce health inequalities. It will ensure our various collaborative projects support the strategy’s five objectives to make Elmbridge a more active and healthier place to live and work for all its residents. 

For further information, read the full strategy or summary:

For more detail, please contact the Sport and Health Development Team:

Leisure Facilities Strategy 2017-2035


  • Encourage new and inactive participants to start taking part in physical activity;

  • Maintain and increase levels of regular physical activity amongst existing participants;

  • Develop additional facility provision, working in partnership with other organisations where opportunities arise/where need is evidenced e.g. as a result of population growth;

  • Design in flexibility; future facility provision may need to be more multi-purpose in nature, reflecting changing participation trends, the need for sustainability and value for money;

  • Continue to enable opportunities for participation to be provided in a wider range of places and spaces, and particularly at a very local level, using e.g. community facilities;

  • Facilitate the continued development of healthier lifestyles across Elmbridge’s communities;

  • Contribute to a reduction in health inequalities, and specifically reduced obesity and inactivity across Elmbridge;

  • Create active environments where the opportunity to be more physically active is an integral part of everyday life; and
    Support and provide opportunities for local sports and leisure community groups.

 Elmbridge Leisure Facilities Strategy 2017-2035


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