Planning policy privacy notice

Who we are and what we do

The Planning Policy team is concerned with producing the local planning documents and policies that are used to guide development in the Borough of Elmbridge. These documents must conform to relevant Government guidance and there are specific regulatory procedures which must be followed during their preparation.

The Elmbridge Borough Council Planning Policy team will contact you when we are consulting on the Local Plan and new planning policy documents so that you can give us your views and comments and they can be used in our decision-making process.  From time to time we will also contact you regarding other relevant information relating to our policies.

Our Statement of Community Involvement gives further details of how we engage with the Elmbridge community.

You can view our corporate privacy notice.

What is being collected

We collect and store your contact details including your name, email address, address and telephone number (should you give it) and organisation details if relevant and make sure they are accurate and up to date.

We also collect and store details about your age, sex, ethnic group and disability information if you give it to us.

If you remain anonymous and do not give us your contact details, we cannot consider your comments.

We will only collect contact details from adults aged over eighteen years of age.

Why we need it

We collect your contact details so that we can get in touch with you when we are consulting on new planning policy documents, including the Local Plan.  You can then give us your views and comments and they can be considered when we make decisions relating to development in Elmbridge.  From time to time we will also contact you to send you other relevant information and updates relating to our policies.

We collect age, sex, ethnic group and disability information from people who choose to give it to us so that we can check we are informing as wide a spread of people living in Elmbridge as possible. 

By looking at this information we can compare the profiles of people living in the borough with those on our database and then, if necessary, make extra efforts to communicate with those groups who may be under represented.

What we do with it and how it will be shared

If you choose to make a comment on any consultation, your comment, together with your name and your organisation, if relevant, will be published so that members of the public can see it.  It will be published on the Elmbridge Planning Policy pages of our website, our online Elmbridge Planning Consultation Portal and within any consultation report that summarises comments or responses to the issues raised. Signatures, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers will not be shown (redacted).

All written comments received will be fully considered and from time to time we will contact you or your organisation so that we can discuss your views and suggestions further.  
We will not acknowledge submitted comments unless requested. We will not accept or publish any comments that are considered offensive or prejudiced.

The information that you have provided will be held by the Council, stored securely and will only be accessed by authorised Council employees. It will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and other relevant legislation.

We will only use the information that you have provided for the purpose stated in the ‘Why we need it’ section above and will not use it for any other Council purpose, unless we have your consent, or if this is provided for by law.

How long we keep it

We will keep contacting you unless you tell us to unsubscribe or if we cannot contact you any more.  Each time we contact you we will ask you if you still wish to be on the database.

If you no longer wish to receive information from us please email us at or write to us at Planning Policy, Elmbridge Borough Council, Civic Centre, High Street, Esher KT10 9SD.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about our privacy notice or information we hold about you, please contact the Data Protection Officer at

For independent advice you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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