Pest control information

If you have a problem with pests in your property you may be interested in the online advice guide in order to take action yourself.   The British Pest Control Control Association (BPCA) provides an A-Z of pests with advice on how to deal with each pest.

If this does not work you may like to call in a pest controller.  The British Pest Control Association website can help you find a local pest controller (one which follows their code of conduct).

When looking for a pest controller, it is best to;

  • Get at least three quotations

  • find out if there is a call out fee or fixed charge

  • find out what service and guarantee they will provide you with

  • ensure they have insurance cover

  • check their qualifications (a certificate in Pest Control from the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health (RSPH) or the BPCA)

  • are happy with him/her and understand the advice he or she gives

  • consider personal recommendations from friends, neighbours or colleagues

 If you are a Housing Association tenant and you are concerned about pests, please contact your estate manager to report the problem.   Or if you are renting in the private sector and you are concerned about pests, please contact your landlord to report the problem.

If you think a neighbouring property is infested with rodents (rats or mice), please inform the owner or occupier as soon as possible so they can deal with the problem without delay.   Where the owner or occupier doesn’t deal with an infestation the Council’s environmental health officers may take enforcement action against them to ensure their land and property is kept free from rats and mice.  

You can report a property with a suspected rodent infestation using our environmental complaint report form.


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