Local air quality in Elmbridge

5 steps to improve air quality in Elmbridge video screenshot
5 steps to improve air quality in Elmbridge

Air pollution impacts us all and it's estimated that it shortens the life of many people in the UK. It particularly affects the most vulnerable in our society, such as children and older people and those with heart and lung conditions.

The main pollutants in Elmbridge are the same for the country as a whole, oxides of Nitrogen (Nox) and particulate (PM10 and 2.5).

Unsurprisingly motor vehicles are a significant source of Nox, with diesel vehicles being a source of harmful particulates.

For your part you can:

  • turn off your engine at red lights or in heavy traffic to reduce your emissions. Most modern cars have “stop start” systems that do this for you

  • decide to leave your car at home and walk or cycle

  • consider when you change your vehicle choosing a hybrid or electric vehicle

Open fires or wood burning stoves

Additionally, smoke from open fires or wood burning stoves can have a negative effect on air quality particularly increasing harmful particulates levels. 

To help to reduce the harmful effects from smoke follow this guide on open fires and wood-burning stoves. 

Air-quality measurements

Key air-quality measurements are taken in Elmbridge. The average monthly level of nitrogen dioxide (emitted from vehicle exhausts) is measured by a number of diffusion tubes situated across the Borough.

There are also two monitoring stations where you can see current pollution levels at Hampton Court Parade, East Molesey and Weybridge High Street. To view current levels see the UK Air Quality website, select 'dynamic tables' then select either of the monitors listed above for detailed information.

You can also read our air quality reports know as Annual Status Report (ASR) for the following years:

Why not sign-up for free air pollution alerts.  

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