Elmbridge, like other local authorities, has no statutory responsibility for dealing with aircraft noise, unlike domestic and commercial noise complaints where we do have powers. However, we recognise the noise concerns residents have in relation to Heathrow Airport, the possible future impacts of expansion plans at Heathrow and air space changes and we work with Surrey County Council and other Surrey authorities as part of Heathrow Strategic Planning Group (HSPG) representing residents’ concerns on the local environment in terms of noise, air quality and sustainability. Elmbridge is also a member of Local Authorities Aircraft Noise Council – LAANC.

Additionally, the government website recommends residents direct their aircraft noise complaints to the relevant airport. We would encourage residents affected by noise to register complaints with Heathrow.

We will express your concerns through LAANC, HSPG and Government consultations. We would also suggest you register your concerns directly with Heathrow, and would encourage residents to express their views to Government agencies when they launch consultations on these matters. 

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