How to use the TPO search

You can search by typing in the Tree Preservation Order (TPO) number if known e.g. EL:01/02 (Search by number tab) or by the address of the search property (Search on a map tab). When zoomed in, protected trees and conservation areas will appear on the map.

When you select a protected tree on the map, a dialogue box will appear showing the individual TPO number, eg: EL:01/05 or WAL:123 or EL:123.

If you select the TPO number in the dialogue box, you will be directed through to our web page where you can view or download the scanned TPO document.

If the TPO document has not yet been scanned onto our system, please complete the form under the 'Request to publish a TPO document' link and we will be in touch within 7 working days with the relevant paperwork.

If you have any reason to suspect that the information is incorrect, please contact Planning Services immediately so that the matter can be investigated.

To check if a site or property is the subject of a planning permission and conditions, enter the address and search for a planning application.

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