How we look after our trees

As a landowner, we must meet certain obligations to trees on land which we own or maintain.

Assessing risk

We have our trees inspected on a cyclical basis to proactively identify any that are of a high risk to people and property.

Any trees identified as being a high risk of causing serious harm or damage are either removed or pruned appropriately to eliminate the risk or reduce it.

Pruning works

We also carry our pruning works on our trees in parks, recreation grounds, space around offices and day centres, cemeteries, and car parks for: formative pruning; cultural and historic reasons; and to prevent nuisance.

We will not usually carry out or permit pruning works to trees for the following reasons:

  • overhanging branches
  • improving light / reducing shading issues
  • trees growing or being tall
  • carrying our works to third party trees
  • allowing third parties to fund works to council owned trees

You can report a dangerous tree on our land online.

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