Report a breach of planning control

We have discretionary powers that can be applied when there is a breach in planning control that causes harm to the amenity of the area and, that cannot be resolved by negotiation.

Before you make a report:

We cannot investigate:

  • ownership – party walls, boundary disputes, land ownership, deeds and covenants

  • disruption – noise, smell, anti-social behaviour, overgrown trees and bushes, vehicles

  • site operations – health and safety, hours of work, security, graffiti, dangerous structures, poor quality of work

  • highway matters – parking, obstruction, objects on footpaths

  • drainage – sewers, soakaways

Our role in planning compliance

Planning compliance is discretionary and the Council is not bound to act in any particular case.  Much will depend on acting reasonably, proportionately (in relation to the level of harm caused), whether it is expedient and in the public interest to act immediately and whether planning permission is likely to have been granted had an application been made.  It is rare to make an immediate intervention and in most cases the Council will wish to review all circumstances before agreeing the type of formal action it is expedient to take.

Planning compliance action we have taken

Elmbridge ranked 1st across 188 shire districts in England for issuing planning enforcement notices. We issued 30 notices between July 2019 and June 2020. The statistics have been published by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

We have an up to date register where formal action has been taken, including details of the planning breach and the type of action taken. The register has information on notices from 1982. Please contact us for details of Notices prior to 1982 or to arrange to view the full register in hard copy. 

View the enforcement register

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Our Commitment

  • We will treat your report as confidential.
  • We will acknowledge your report within seven working days.

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