Challenge or appeal a parking fine

To challenge a Parking Fine (PCN), you will need the: 

  • Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) number

  • vehicle registration number

If you chose to appeal your PCN, do not make payment. Payment of a penalty charge notice is considered an admission of liability. If both the appeal and a payment are made, the payment will be taken and the appeal will not be considered.  Please note that you have to appeal your parking fine in writing and therefore we cannot take an appeal by telephone.

10 minute grace period

There is a 10 minute grace period in the following circumstances:

  • After the expiry time of a paid for period

  • At the start time of a controlled parking bay

  • After a permitted 'free' parking period expires

The 10 minute grace period does not apply in the following instances:

  • On yellow lines, loading bay, footway, when double parked such as being anywhere outside of a parking bay.

  • After the first 10 minutes where the bay reverts from being uncontrolled to controlled and a vehicle is parked in a restricted parking bay without permission, without a permit or without having made payment.

Parking Debt

If you have received a letter from a Debt Recovery Agent called Rundles about your parking fine please don’t contact us. In this circumstance we recommend that you seek legal advice from the organisations listed below.

Our Commitment

Every appeal against a Parking Fine (PCN) is considered on its individual merits.

A general policy guide on parking appeals has been developed by Surrey County and District Councils to ensure a consistent approach when considering parking appeals.

The policy gives a general guide to circumstances and grounds where the cancellation of a penalty will be considered.

There are two policy guides - one for on street penalties and one for off street penalties (car parks):

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