Street trading

Street trading consultation: We are reviewing our policy on how we regulate street trading within Elmbridge and would like your views on the proposed changes. Closing date for responses is 3 January. 

Street traders need to apply for a consent to trade in the borough of Elmbridge from either:

  • a fixed location on the road
  • as a peripatetic (mobile) trader, such as an ice-cream van who moves around the borough and not from a fixed location. 

Before you apply for street trading consent, we advse you to read the following documents:

You will need to provide key details so we and partners including the Police, Surrey County Council and Highways, can determine if a request for consent should be granted. There is a fee that is payable to obtain a street trading consent and the consent will be required to be renewed on an annual basis. There is no automatic right to renewal.

There are some roads where street trading is prohibited and a consent will not be granted:

  • A245 (Byfleet Road) from the Painshill roundabout to the junction with Brooklands Road

  • A244 (Warren lane), Oxshott - along its entire length

  • Copsem Lane, Esher - along its entire length

  • Claremont Lane, Esher - along its entire length

  • A309 (Hampton Court Way) - along its entire length

  • A307 (Portsmouth Road, Esher) from the Scilly Isles to Fairmile Lane

  • map of prohibited roads

For further information, or if you have a concern regarding a street trader email your query to

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