Street and house-to-house collections

Important information about our service delivery during the Covid-19 outbreak (Coronavirus)

From Thursday 19 March 2020, the Council’s Licensing Team will be taking proactive and responsible measures to ensure our customers and staff remain as safe as possible during the Covid-19 outbreak (Coronavirus). Effective from 19 March and until further notice we will be following Government Guidance and will be limiting face to face contact between customers and our frontline staff to help reduce the risk of infection to our customers and employees.

During this period, members of staff may have to self-isolate and some may have to work away from the Civic Centre. Therefore, to help us continue delivering essential licensing services, we will be making changes to how we deliver them.

During this period

Contacting us

  • Please do not visit the Civic Centre reception.

  • We are asking all customers to email us at than call us. We aim to respond to all emails within three working days and will prioritise urgent concerns or complaints.

  • If you do need to call, please note that you may need to leave a message on our answer phone and it may take us much longer than usual to respond. You may also get in touch with us by using our online contact form.

Making your application

  • We will not be providing a reception service at the Civic Centre to receive applications.

  • We will be accepting licence applications by emailto . You should scan all sides of the required original documents and attach them to your email with your application form. We will contact you to arrange payment of the relevant fee.

  • If we need to, we will contact you about your application and/or documents. Please do not chase us about your application as this may cause delays processing your application

  • We may not be able to process your application within our published timescales.

  • We will post your licence document to you once issued.  

Permission may be required to carry out a charitable collection in a public place including street collections and house-to-house collections.

Street collection

A permit is required to collect money or sell articles in a street or public place for charitable purposes. A return to show how much money was raised must be sent to the Council within one month from the date of collection. There is no registration fee.

You may also need to obtain permission from the land owner to collect on private property. Specifically for collections in Hersham Green Shopping Centre, you should contact the Property Management Company on 0203 258 4038.

Apply for a street collection permit online or download a street collection return form.

House-to-house collections

Door to door charitable collections of clothing, money or direct debits require a licence. Licence holders must issue collectors with a collectors' badge and send a return to the Council detailing income and expenditure within one month of the collection. There is no registration fee.

Apply for a house-to-house collection licence onlineor download a house-to-house collection return form.

Once we have issued a licence the promoter can then apply for the collectors’ badges from the Stationery Office websitethat must be on show when collecting.

Some charities are covered by a National Exemption Orderand do not need to apply for a licence.

Policies for street and house-to-house collections

Essential information if you are thinking of applying for a permit

Download our street collection and house-to-house collection policies.

Need to know if a location in Elmbridge and date for you proposed collection is available?
Want to know if a collection taking place nearby is authorised?
Check our register of permits issued.

The register shows all permits issued where National Exemption Orders do not apply.

Register Disclaimer: The Register is updated approximately every 24 hours. No responsibility can be taken for any errors or omissions in licensing information obtained and no liability can be accepted for loss or damage arising from use of information obtained from this site.

If you have any reason to suspect that the information contained in the register is incorrect, please contact us by email immediately so that the matter can be investigated and any corrections made as soon as reasonably practical.

If you have any queries regarding street or house to house collections please contact us.

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