Please read the taxi and private hire driver's guidance before you apply.


Taxi or private hire drivers licence (new or renew)
Online form to apply for a new taxi or private hire driver’s licence or to renew your existing driver’s licence.

Medical assessment form
Confirms you are that are medically fit to drive and that you meet DVLA Group 2 standards. To be completed by a doctor you have been registered with for at least 12 months or by a doctor who has access to your medical records.

(DBS) privacy policy declaration form
Confirm that you understand the DBS policies for processing your data.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) appointment booking form
Online form to book and pay for an in-person appointment at the Civic Centre, Esher, to make your taxi or private hire driver DBS application.

Change your name or address
Tell us that you have changed your name or address. 

Lost licence, driver's badge or vehicle plate 
Online form to tell us you have lost your licence, driver's badge or vehicle plate.

Overseas travel notification
Tell us if you have spent three continuous months outside the UK.

Fees, charges and taxi fares  

Taxi and private hire licence fees and charges
A list of all fees and charges.

Taxi fares table
Tariffs and additional charges. 

When you will hear from us 

Timescales for processing your licence application
If you have submitted an application for a taxi or private hire licence, the processing timeframe is 30 working days from the date the application is deemed valid. An application is valid once all supporting documents are correctly submitted and payment is made.

How to contact us

If you need to speak to a member of the licensing team please  request a phone call.  

Please do not come to the Civic Centre without an appointment.

Knowledge test

Knowledge test information
COVID-19 safety information.

Child sexual exploitation

Taxi drivers are often the eyes and ears within our community and you may spot the signs of a child or vulnerable adult.

You will need to complete an online course. On behalf of Barnardo’s thank you! 

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