Literary competition

The 17th Elmbridge literary competition 2021-2022 

Theme: Enigma

The disappearance of Agatha Christie, the Mona Lisa’s smile, Banksy; These are some of the most famous, sometimes infamous, enigmas in history. Whether it’s the Mary Celeste’s missing crew, the Famous Five exploring a treasure island or the nasty thing lurking in Cold Comfort Farm’s woodshed, mysteries have always fascinated us.

For the 2022 Elmbridge Literary Competition, we are looking for your short stories and poems that unravel riddles, disentangle conundrums and resolve enigmas. 

The Elmbridge Literary Competition is run in partnership between The R C Sherriff Trust and Elmbridge Borough Council. It is open to applicants of all ages. We welcome national and international submissions.  

Age categories

  • Ages 5 – 7; Little rhymes and stories. 
  • Ages 8 - 11 (Junior); Poems and short stories.
  • Ages 11 (Secondary) - 13; Poems and short stories.
  • Ages 14 - 18; Poems and short stories.
  • Ages Adult; Poems and short stories.


Prizes apply for each age category. Further information on prizes for each age category can be found in the terms and conditions of entry. Alongside the prizes, the 2022 Competition includes The Elmbridge Prize for the best story or poem in the adult category submitted by an Elmbridge resident. 

Publishers Sampson Low will publish the winning entries as a Chapbook. (Small and affordable forms of literature, Chapbooks historically were sold on the streets, and covered a range of subjects from fairy tales and ghost stories to news of politics, crime or disaster.) 

Find out further details about Chapbooks.

Fee for entry

Adults £5. Under 18s free.

Terms and conditions of entry

Please read the terms and conditions of entry. For further information, please email or

Closing date for entries

Monday 28 February 2022.

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