Litter in Elmbridge parks and open spaces

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Who collects litter in green spaces in Elmbridge?

  • Our green spaces team maintain and conserve the 100 green spaces and 14 countryside sites across the borough 
  • Our grounds maintenance contractors IdVerde are responsible for litter collection in parks and open spaces.
  • In addition to carrying out on-going management and conservation works, the Council's countryside team collects litter on countryside sites on Mondays and Fridays, as well as dealing with fly-tips on some of the sites.
  • Based on council tax for a Band D property: approximately 8p of every £1 collected for Elmbridge Borough Council goes towards the maintenance of the Elmbridge Green Spaces. Litter and waste collection from Green Spaces is only a part of the overall service.

Tackling the litter issue

  • Over the last year, we have seen an unprecedented amount of litter in open spaces and countryside sites. Unfortunately, this was a UK- wide issue. In spring and summer 2020, we increased the number of collections and installed large capacity bins at popular sites at an extra cost of approximately £40,000.  

  • Throughout the pandemic, we asked people - via our social media channels, newsletters, site notices and posters - to take litter home when bins were full and reminded them to look after their green spaces, protect wildlife and respect local communities.

  • In April 2021, in a further attempt to resolve this situation, we diverted Council Tax funds (approximately £40,000) to increase the number of temporary bins in key areas of Elmbridge until June, as well as temporarily increasing the frequency of litter bin collections for the same period. We are continuing to issue messages reminding visitors to use bins provided or take their litter home.

  • The open space landscape in Elmbridge is complex and the problem is made more difficult at some of our popular sites and riverside sites such as Desborough Island as they are owned by different landowners. Litter on non-EBC land is the responsibility of the land owner. 

Further plans in place:

  • We are currently going through the procurement process for a bin replacement programme. As from the end of June / beginning of July 2021, we will:
    • Start replacing the majority of bins in green spaces with dual use bin (dog and litter). The overall capacity of the bins will increase.
    • Replace some bins with litter bins only in locations adjacent to houses, seating where the smell of dog waste may offend 
    • Replace existing rural bins with dual use (dog and litter) bins at a selected number of rural green spaces. 
    • Replace existing bins with solar compressing high capacity bins (120l container) at a small number of sites with very high litter demand. These can hold up to 960 litres of compacted waste. 
    • All bins will have flaps to prevent vermin and win-blown rubbish.
The bin replacement programme will take place between June/July and October 2021

Can you help us?

We want everybody to feel proud of where they live and understand that littering is an eye sore and a source of disappointment and frustration for local communities. We need your help to solve the problem.

Set up a litter picking group:

Do you feel that members of your local community might be interested in getting involved? Why not set up your own litter picking group? Download our  'Stop Litter Guide' to get advice about it. Remember: it is important to let us know about your upcoming litter picking events so we can support you by collecting litter bags at the end of the day.

Join local litter groups:

Many local litter-picking groups are doing a fantastic job supporting their local communities. The following dedicated local groups organise regular litter pick events in your area:

For further information about the litter in open spaces in Elmbridge or to discuss the above further, please email  You can report a litter problem on green spaces online.

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