Housing strategies and policies

Housing, homelessness and rough sleeping strategy 2020-2024

The housing, homelessness and rough sleeping strategy sets out the housing challenges facing the borough over the coming years and our plans to deal with them, working with partner organisations like housing associations, charities and other public sector agencies to provide a range of affordable homes and deal with homelessness in the local area.

The strategy has five priorities, we will:

  • work in partnership to deliver more affordable housing and make the best use of all social housing stock
  • work with landlords to ensure safe, healthy and energy efficient homes
  • support older, disabled and more vulnerable residents to live, safe, healthy and independent lives
  • act to tackle rough sleeping and prevent homelessness
  • arrange support for those who need it most.

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Tenancy strategy

By law, we are required to adopt and publish a Tenancy strategy.  This provides guidance to housing associations operating in the borough of our expectations for the kinds of tenancy they grant and the circumstances in which they should grant a tenancy of a particular kind or renew tenancies when any fixed-term tenancy comes to an end.

For more information on these and other housing policies, please contact housingpolicy@elmbridge.gov.uk

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