Affordable housing in Elmbridge

The Council does not own, manage or build housing, but we do work with partners to make sure new affordable homes are built in Elmbridge, to help meet the needs of local people who cannot afford to rent or buy in the private market.

Who builds affordable homes in Elmbridge?

Local housing associations build new homes and private developers contribute as well, so we try to work closely with both for the benefit of the local community, providing homes for those who need them most.

We want to do more to make sure extra affordable homes are built.  In February 2018 the Council decided to set-up a housing company to build more of the types of homes that local people really need.  We now have a target for the Council-owned and controlled company to take ownership of about 15 homes during 2019 and to do more in future years.

The Council also encourages building of different types of affordable housing to meet a variety of needs, including:

  • Rented homes for eligible people on our Housing Register

  • Affordable homes (shared ownership and shared equity homes) for households who cannot buy without help

  • Supported housing that helps vulnerable people stay in the community and live independently.            

How do we get more affordable homes in Elmbridge?

We can do this in a number of ways, including through:

  • housing associations building on, or re-developing, land they already own or buy

  • housing associations buying property on the open market and renting it out as affordable housing

  • using our local policy to obtain financial contributions from developers, that we then use for affordable housing.

What is our policy for more affordable homes?

Our Core Strategy (July 2011) is a key document setting a target for 1,150 affordable homes between 2011 and 2026 (on average 76 homes every year), but more are now needed.

Policy CS21: Affordable Housing sets out our planning policy for affordable housing delivery, with further detailed guidance on this in the Development Contributions Supplementary Planning Document

How many affordable homes are being provided in Elmbridge?

598 affordable homes were delivered in the borough between April 2011 and March 2019, of which 118 were delivered in the last year. This is an average of 75 homes per year.

The research carried out on behalf of the council shows that 332 affordable homes may be needed every year up to 2035.

It is forecast that 384 affordable homes will be built between 2019/20 and 2022/23 and are as follows:

  • 184 affordable homes to be built in 2019/20, including two major sites. 50 homes at Randor & Sandra house, Walton Road in Molesey, and 43 homes in Orchard Lane, East Molesey. The remaining various smaller sites range between 3-22 homes

  • 47 homes are expected to be delivered in 2020/21 with the largest scheme of 28 affordable homes at Rivernook Farm, Terrace Road, Walton and on other various smaller sites
  • 54 homes to be built in 2021/22 at two sites, 34 homes at Rydens Enterprise School (Three Rivers Academy), Hersham, and 20 homes in Hersham Road, Hersham
  • A major scheme of 99 homes at Walton Court (Station Avenue) in Walton is expected to be delivered in 2022/23      

Who gets considered for affordable housing?

General needs rented housing is for people eligible to join the Council's Housing Register. It is let through SEARCH Moves, with priority given to households with a local connection to Elmbridge.

Shared ownership homes are sold to households who are eligible for Help to Buy, and registered with Help to Buy East and South East as a first step, with priority given to households who live or work in Elmbridge. 

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