Delivering affordable housing

Although the Council no longer owns, manages or develops affordable housing, it does play an important role in supporting its delivery within Elmbridge to meet identified needs.

Who provides new affordable homes in Elmbridge?

It is a key priority for the Council to increase the supply of affordable homes in Elmbridge. In February Elmbridge Borough Council agreed to establish a Council-owned housing company with the aim of building homes to meet the needs of local residents. Once the company has been set up it will start planning for new developments in anticipation of taking ownership of around 15 homes by 2019.

Currently most new affordable homes are delivered by housing associations so we work closely with our housing association partners and others to increase the number of affordable homes to meet needs of local people.

What types of new affordable homes are being delivered?

We encourage the development of different types of affordable housing to meet the variety of needs which exist.  These include:

  • rented homes for households on the Council’s Housing Register

  • affordable home ownership (including shared-ownership and shared-equity) for households who wish to own their own home but who cannot afford to buy without financial assistance

  • supported housing to enable vulnerable people to live independently within the community

How are affordable homes being provided in Elmbridge?

They are delivered in a variety of ways, including:

  • housing associations building affordable homes on land they have purchased

  • housing associations re-developing land or buildings they already own (for example, under-used garage sites)

  • buying existing housing on the open market and converting it to affordable housing

  • through the application of our planning policies, which will seek either a financial contribution towards the provision of affordable homes or delivery of affordable homes on the development site (depending on the number of homes to be built)

What are our planning policies around the delivery of affordable homes?

Our Core Strategy is the key document within the Local Plan and it confirms that we aim to deliver at least 1,150 affordable homes between 2011 and 2026. 

Policy CS21: Affordable Housing sets out our planning policy in relation to affordable housing delivery and detailed guidance on the application of this policy is contained within section three of the Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document.  Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document.

How many affordable homes are being provided in Elmbridge?

In the seven years between April 2011 and March 2018, 480 affordable homes were delivered in the borough, at an average of 68 per year. In the year to March 2019, around 100 more affordable homes are anticipated to be delivered in the borough.  These will be delivered on the following sites:

  • 44 in Rydens Road, Walton

  • 20 on the White Lion site

  • the remaining will be on smaller sites that vary between 4-11 properties

How do I get considered for these homes?

The general-needs rented housing will be let through SEARCH Moves, with priority given to households with a local connection to Elmbridge. To be considered, households will need to apply to join the housing register.

Any shared ownership homes will be sold to households who are eligible for Help to Buy shared ownership, with priority given to households who live or work in Elmbridge.  Households should register with Help to Buy East and South East as a first step. 

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