Future election dates

  • 4 May 2023 - Borough Council election and Claygate Parish Council election
  • 2 May 2024 - Borough Council and Police and Crime Commissioner election
  • 1 May 2025 - Surrey County Council election
  • 7 May 2026 - Elmbridge Borough Council

The date of the next UK Parliamentary general election has not yet been announced.  The government of the day can decide when to call a general election.  The maximum term of a Parliament is five years from the day on which it first met.  The current Parliament first met on 17 December 2019 and will automatically dissolve on 17 December 2024, unless it has been dissolved sooner by the Queen.  Polling day would be expected to take place 25 days later.

Elmbridge Borough Council has 48 councillors. 16 councillors are elected by thirds, which means a third of the councillors are elected each year, in three years out of four. Each councillor serves for four years. Find out when a councillor's term of office expires.

Elections are usually held on the first Thursday of May each year. If a seat becomes vacant between scheduled elections, for example, because of the resignation or death of an elected representative, a by-election may be held.

  • Elections for Surrey County Councillors take place every four years in years when there are no elections for Elmbridge councillors.
  • Elections for Elmbridge Borough Council take place in three years out of four.
  • UK Parliamentary (general) elections are held every five years, but may be called sooner.
  • Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey elections are held every four years.
  • Claygate Parish Council has 10 members. They are elected every four years.

Fore more information about what you can vote for, visit the  Electoral Commission website.

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