Annual voter registration canvass

What is the voter registration canvass?

To ensure we hold the correct details on our Electoral Register we undertake an annual canvass of all households in the Borough each year between August and November.

The annual canvass is undertaken every year, and is prescribed by law. You are not automatically registered just because you pay council tax. Being registered to vote means you will be able to vote in elections and referendums, and have your say in the issues that matter to you.

A revised version of the electoral register is usually published annually on 1 December.

What happens

Households in Elmbridge will receive a Household Enquiry Form asking residents to check whether the information that appears on the electoral register for those living at their address is correct as part of the Elmbridge Borough Council annual voter registration canvass. The form tells you who is currently registered at your address.

The aim of the form is to ensure that the electoral register is up to date and to identify residents who are not registered so that they can be encouraged to do so.  We also need to know why a property has no eligible voters, for example, because the property is empty or is a second home.

What do I need to do?

When you receive your form through the letter box, you will need to check carefully that the correct individuals are registered at your address.

This is not a registration form but you do need to respond to the form, even if there are no changes to your details.  

If all the details are the same you can confirm this by either:

  • following the instructions online

  • or calling Freephone 0808 284 1511 (24 hours)

  • Text NOCHANGE followed by both parts of your security codes to 07537 410065 (only use this option if there are no changes to the details printed on the form)

You will need your two part security codes to respond using these options.  These are printed on page 1 and page 2 (section 1) of the Household Enquiry Form.

If the details need to be updated or someone needs to be added or removed (including anyone now over 16 years old) you should let us know.  It is quick and easy to inform us of any changes online.

If you are unable to respond using these options you should amend and return the paper form using the pre-paid envelope provided.

Please respond early to avoid receiving a reminder letter and/or a personal visit from one of our appointed election canvassers (who will all carry official Council identification).  This will save the Council money. It is a legal requirement to provide the information requested, if you don't you may be fined. (Section 23 of the Representation of the Peoples Regulations 2001). 

What happens next?

If you have made any changes to the form, e.g. added new people to the register, each of these individuals will receive an application form (known as an ITR), which will need to be completed before they can be put onto the Register of Electors. Individuals may register register online this is the quickest and easiest way to respond to an ITR.

How do I opt out of the open register?

There are two types of registers the electoral register and the open register. You must be on the electoral register, but you can chose to opt out of the open register,. The open register can be bought by anyone for any purpose.

You can opt out of the open register using via

How do I apply for a postal or proxy vote?

Once you are registered to vote, you can then choose if you would like to apply to vote by post or by proxy. For further information please see:

What happens to my data?

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