Getting the kerb lowered outside your property

We are unable to provide informal advice on whether planning permission is required for any development. However, this page is to assist in determining if planning permission would be required.

Dropping the kerb to create vehicle access touches on both planning and highways safety.

Dropping the kerb

Surrey County Council is responsible for works on highways and they will assess your request to create a vehicle access. For more information on the Surrey County Council application process visit their website.

Surrey County Council kerb lowering guidance

Do you need planning permission?

Planning permission is required if:

  • The vehicular access you wish to create is onto an A, B or C classified road.
    To find out your roads classification contact

  • The property involved is a flat, maisonette, commercial or industrial premises.
    These types of property need planning permission for all building works.

  • The property is subject to a planning condition restricting or removing its permitted development rights relating to the construction of a new access.
    You can find conditions in decision notices relating to your property.

  • The property is a listed building.
    A listed building consent will need to be applied for.

  • It would create an obstruction to the view of persons using any highway used by vehicular traffic, so as likely to cause danger to such persons.

Any level changes within the site to facilitate the formation of the means of access and/or hard surface, may amount to a separate engineering operation that may require planning permission.

Paving your driveway

Planning permission is required for hard surfacing if:

  • The area is greater than 5 square metres but not constructed of porous materials (e.g. permeable concrete block paving, gravel or porous asphalt).

  • Rainwater flows into the road or existing drains rather than to a lawn, border or flower bed to drain naturally.

If you live in a listed building, Listed Building Consent will be required for any significant works whether internal or external.

How to apply for planning permission

If you think you need planning permission for your dropped kerb or hard surface, please apply online

If you don't think permission is required, Surrey County Council requires a written statement confirming this from Elmbridge. To get that written statement you need to request a Lawful Development Certificate. You will have to pay a fee.

For more information on Lawful Development Certificates and how to get one visit the national Planning Portal website below:

Planning Portal guidance on paving front gardens and dropped kerbs

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