Voluntary sector funding

Voluntary Sector Forum 

Following guidance, we postponed the 2020 Voluntary Sector Forum (VSF) and hope to confirm dates and times for the next forum as soon as possible. Many thanks for your understanding.  

Elmbridge Annual Grants Scheme

This funding stream will be open for applications from 1 November 2021.

Please visit this page after this date to access the new application form and guidance notes. The closing date will be 5pm on 31 January 2022. 

Details of the 2021/22 awards can be found in the funding results table.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Funding

The Community Infrastructure Levy allows the Council to raise funds from new developments to help fund the physical infrastructure needed to mitigate the impacts of new development.

Based on regulations, 15% of CIL funds are used to fund local projects. The Council annually allocates this local portion of CIL funds to be spend on smaller infrastructure schemes that are required in the communities where development took place.

Successful CIL fund applications to date have included projects such as capital improvements to state schools to better enable them to meet the needs of an increasing school population, improvements to community facilities, footpath works and countryside access improvements.

Annually, the application period for CIL funding for local projects opens in February. Please visit our CIL funding webpage for more information.

Partnership Fund

The 2020 Partnership Fund is currently on hold due to the impact of COVID-19. Further updates will be made available on this page when funding status has been confirmed. 

If you are voluntary organisation and require funding/funding advice please contact Central Surrey Voluntary Action on 01372 463587 or email contact@csva.co.uk.

Community Foundation for Surrey

The Community Foundation for Surrey awards grants to local charities and community and voluntary groups that help those living in areas of deprivation. The grants awarded have supported a wide variety of projects including facilities for young people, reducing isolation for older citizens, improving community facilities and projects for the disabled. The foundation also awards small grants to individuals with a disability, to help them overcome any barriers they may have in starting work. Please contact the Community Foundation for Surrey for further information.

Walsingham Care

The Charity provides financial support to people suffering from long-term ill health or disability. It offers assistance to poorer, elderly people and to organisations providing assistance to this vulnerable group. For more information please contact Walsingham Care.    

Walton-on-Thames Charity

The charity wants to improve the lives of people living in Walton-on-Thames and the wider Borough of Elmbridge. Grants are offered to local people at a time of crisis or other need, and community grants have been designed to enable and support local organisations to provide a wide range of front line services to many people living in the local community. For more information please contact the Walton-on-Thames charity.    

Funding search

If you would like support accessing information on grant giving bodies, you can request a grantfinder search by contacting Central Surrey Voluntary Action on 01372 463587 or by visiting their website. They can also support organisations with writing funding applications.

Join our Community Lottery

Did you know we have launched the Elmbridge Community Lottery?  This is a fundraising solution where you do not need a small society lottery licence, saving you precious admin time and annual fees. 

If you are a local not-for-profit organisation you can apply for a website for free! You get promotions with marketing materials throughout the year to help you shout about your cause plus supporters can win cash prizes up to the £25k jackpot every week.

For every £1 ticket sold, 60p goes to good causes - 50p is given to the group nominated by the ticket buyer and 10p goes to support other good causes within Elmbridge through a fund administered by the council. 20p goes towards prizes and the remaining 20p is for VAT and lottery administration costs. 

It's an ideal, safe, online fundraising solution for a wide range of causes, such as community groups, clubs, charities, sports clubs, animal welfare and many more! 

Find out more and register today

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