Elmbridge Trust for Older People

Registered Charity Number: 1101447

This registered charity was set up as a channel for donations and legacies from members of the public to help fund discretionary services, events and activities in Elmbridge. 

The charity's function is to receive donations and bequests in order to promote the relief of older people in a manner deemed by law to be exclusively charitable with the Borough of Elmbridge as the Trustees in their absolute discretion see fit.


There are three Trustees, all local residents (Mr John Sheldon, Mrs Tania Shipley and Mr David Tipping), who are guided and supported by the Elmbridge Older People's Advisory Body.

Your support matters

Previous bequests have been used to improve the quality of life of older people around the Borough, including:

  • Refurbishments to Walton Centre for the Community.
  • Funding for activities for our Dementia Services social groups. 
  • Installing an outside awning and garden furniture for our Weybridge Centre. 

Your money can help support new projects and initiatives, and any of the existing discretionary services for older people including, support for carers of those suffering from confusion, dementia or Alzheimer's, centres for the community and helping to promote independence and active healthy ageing.

For further information please email etfopcharity@elmbridge.gov.uk, or write to Elmbridge Trust for Older People, c/o 69 Esher Road, Hersham Surrey, KT12 4LW.

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