Community alarm and telecare

COVID-19 service status

All community alarms continue to be monitored 24/7 during the current COVID-19 outbreak, however in order to reduce the risk to both residents and staff, we will be issuing all new clients with an ElmAssist mobile alarm. These will be charged at the standard alarm unit rate of £17 per month until this incident is over, at which time we will provide the required equipment to all clients. 

The Community Alarm Team continue to offer a 24/7 response to any problems with equipment, however home visits will only be conducted when absolutely necessary and with the full agreement of all parties. Some maintenance advice or instructions may be given to clients over the phone by a member of our trained staff. 

If you have any queries or concerns about your telecare equipment, please contact the Community Alarm Team on 01372 474 560, or for further information about the status of Council services, please our coronavirus (COVID-19) page. 


This service can give you the confidence to live independently at home. Also known as the ‘pendant alarm’ you can receive assistance in an emergency 24 hours a day at the touch of a button on the pendant. This can put your mind at ease if you live alone or feel vulnerable.

How it works

By pressing the pendant, the alarm is activated and a call is automatically made to a care centre which is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The caller can then speak through a loudspeaker to a specially trained operator, who will respond to their needs and organise appropriate assistance.  

What the services offers   

  • independence      
  • peace of mind for friends or family members

  • round-the-clock commitment to client care


A Community Alarm costs just £17 per month (ex VAT). Whilst VAT will be payable, in most instances people are able to sign an exemption declaration. There is no installation fee and regular maintenance checks are carried out free of charge.

For further information on this service please contact the Community Alarm and Telecare Team on 01372 474560. You can also download a copy of the community alarm leaflet

Have you just been discharged from hospital?

If you have recently been discharged from hospital you could be entitled to a free trial of the community alarm.

This service is free for the first 12 weeks from being discharged from hospital under the CATS hospital discharge scheme. After the 12 week period the normal weekly fee will be applied. There is no obligation to keep the alarm after this free period, but if you do not feel it is suitable to continue with the service then one of our specialists will remove the alarm at no additional cost. 


As well as the pendant alarm we also provide a variety of telecare equipment such as smoke alarm, pill dispensers and falls detector. Our specialists can demonstrate and install the equipment on your behalf and can also link up several pieces of equipment to enhance your safety.

All this equipment is available to view at the Telecare Suite based at the Cobham centre for the community. The telecare equipment is available to hire for a small fee on a monthly basis alongside the community alarm system. Please note that telecare is only available to those who have a community alarm.

For further information on equipment provided take a look at the telecare house.

Pathfinder GPS wristwatch

We have launched a new piece of equipment called the Pathfinder GPS wristwatch.

The Pathfinder GPS (Global Positioning System) wristwatch allows people independence at home and whilst out and about, with GPS satellite tracking in the event of an emergency.

Pathfinder is a functional wristwatch, with additional features including:

  • 24 hour monitoring, 365 days a year

  • accurate GPS tracking

  • two-way calling

  • SOS button for emergencies

  • safe-zone technology-Pathfinder sends out alerts every time the wearer leaves and enters a designated area

  • activity tracker that monitors movement throughout the day

Pathfinder provides reassurance when it is needed the most and costs £25 per month with no set up fees.

For more information please contact us on 01372 474 560.


The ElmAssist mobile personal alarm is a compact, easy to use phone that allows you to get help in an emergency, wherever you are.

Features of ElmAssist include:

  • An emergency assistance button for immediate two-way calling, inside and outside of the home

  • Bigger buttons to make answering and ending calls easier

  • A lightweight design that is fully charged within 1-2 hours.

 ElmAssist costs £21 per month with no set up fees.

For more information please contact us on 01372 474 560.

Independent living centre 

Residents can purchase a wide range of independent living centre equipment, such as jar openers, pill organisers and shower mats from all seven  centres for the community.

We also have an independent living catalogue which outlines all equipment available to aid you through day-to-day life.

Contact the Independent Living and Support Centre on 01372 474 288 for further information or advice.

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