Officer salary information

Corporate Management Board

The salary for these posts is in the following range:

  • Chief Executive - £115,133-£138,155

  • Strategic Director and Deputy Chief Executive £91,138-£113,906

  • Strategic Director - £91,138-£100,898

Salary Information for Corporate Management Board at 1 January 2019 in CSV format

Corporate Management Board salaries as at 1 January 2019
 Body Body name   Name Job title  Service area  FTE of minimum contracted hours  FTE salary £ 
 E3631 Elmbridge Borough Council Robert Moran  Chief Executive Head of Paid Service, Principal Adviser to the Council, Overseer of all aspects of the running of the Council, Returning Officer for the Elections, Responsible for Policies, Communications, Personnel and Performance  1.00 138,155 
 E3631 Elmbridge Borough Council Sarah Selvenathan  Strategic Director and Deputy Chief Executive   Chief Finance Officer (S151 Officer - responsible for the financial affairs of the Council), Finance, Audit, Legal Services and Procurement, Information Communications Technology, Council Tax and Business Rates, Housing, and Asset Management & Property Services 1.00  113,906   
 E3631 Elmbridge Borough Council Ray Lee Strategic Director   Planning, Community Support Services, Environmental Services including Licensing, Customer Services and Leisure & Culture  1.00 100,898


Senior Management Salaries

The Council has a number of Heads of Service, some of which are part-time.

Salary Information – Senior Officers above £60,000pa in CSV format (link to CSV file)

Salaries over £60,000 as January 2019
Body Body Name  Job Title Responsibility Covers  FTE of Minimum Contracted Hours  FTE Salary 
E3631  Elmbridge Borough Council Head of Organisational Development Corporate Performance and Improvement, Overview & Scrutiny, Public Relations and Communications, Partnerships, Consultation and Engagement, Community Safety.  1.00 74,668
E3631  Elmbridge Borough Council Head of Asset Management and Property Services Estates and Property Management, Civic Offices Management, Surveying Services  1.00 86,157
E3631 Elmbridge Borough Council Head of Finance

Financial Management, Council Tax and Business Rates, Accountancy, Treasury Management, Cashiers, Payroll, Strategic Risk Management, Insurance, Housing Benefit.

 1.00 74,668
E3631 Elmbridge Borough Council Head of Information and Communications Technology Network, Telephony, Servers, Business Software, Desktops, Infrastructure and ICT projects  1.00  70,841
E3631  Elmbridge Borough Council Head of Legal Services Monitoring Officer, Legal Services and Procurement, Member Advice and Governance  1.00 74,668
E3631  Elmbridge Borough Council Head of Community Support Services Centres for the Community, Meals on Wheels, Relief Carers, Community Transport, Community Alarms, Voluntary Sector Support   1.00 74,668
E3631  Elmbridge Borough Council Head of Housing Services Housing Register, Homelessness, Housing Advice, Private Sector Housing, Care and Repair, Housing Policy and Development   1.00 67,008
E3631 Elmbridge Borough Council Head of Leisure and Cultural Services Leisure Facilities, Public Halls, Parks, Commons and Open Spaces, Cemeteries, Arts and Culture, Health Development   1.00 74,668
E3631 Elmbridge Borough Council Head of Environmental Services Car parks, Refuse Collection, Recycling, Street Cleansing, Graffiti, Abandoned Cars, Litter and Fly Tipping, Environmental Health and Licensing   1.00 74,668
E3631  Elmbridge Borough Council Head of Planning Services Development Control, Local Development Framework, Listed Buildings, Conservation, Tree Preservation, Land Charges and Building Control    1.00 70,841
E3631 Elmbridge Borough Council Head of Democratic Services Mayoral activities, Elections, Support for Members, Committee Services.  0.83 65,095
E3631 Elmbridge Borough Council Head of Customer Services Customer Services   1.00 74,668


In addition to those managerial posts the Council employs 358 full time equivalent officers graded in the following salary ranges:

  • Principal Officers - £35,122-£60,933  
  • Supervisors - £29,824-£34,431  
  • Clerical/Admin Staff - £17,352-£28,741

These figures exclude the costs of car allowances which range from £846 to £6,632. 

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