The Mayor of Elmbridge Trust Fund

Charity Registration Number: 1077149

The Mayor of Elmbridge Trust Fund is a charity that provides funding to assist residents, especially young people, who are in need and to provide for the victims of natural or man made disasters. The fund also incorporates the Miss W M E Harrison charity. Miss W M E  Harrison left a sum of money as a bequest to be used for the benefit of older people in the Elmbridge, and for educational expenses for young people under the age of 25. The governing document for the Mayor of Elmbridge Trust Fund is The Scheme of the Charity Commissioners dated 12 November, 1998.

Who can apply?

Anyone who lives in Elmbridge who is in need, or someone applying on their behalf. We cannot accept applications for someone outside the Elmbridge Borough area.

What sort of things might the charity fund?

May provide funding:

  • Necessary furniture and household items/services e.g. beds, washing machines, fridges, rugs etc.
  • Necessary educational expenses e.g. school uniforms
  • A contribution towards necessary disability equipment etc., where it is not met by the NHS

Does not usually providing funding:

  • Paying off debts/loans/utility bills
  • Grants to groups or organisations
  • Furniture/household items that are not necessities
  • School/youth organisation trips that are not a 'need'
  • Applications where the applicant received a grant in the last 24 months
  • Fitted flooring e.g. carpeting, laminate, vinyl, hardwood flooring
  • A repeat application whereby the original item granted would reasonably be expected to have remained functional

The average grant awarded to successful applicants is approximately £200-£300.  Please note that the Charity no longer accepts applications for grants to purchase fitted flooring.  This includes carpeting, laminate, vinyl and hardwood flooring.  The Charity will however accept applications for rugs.

Please also note that Charity will not consider new applications from those applicants that have successfully been awarded a grant within 24 months from the date a grant has been awarded.

How do I apply?

Please complete the application form in full and post it to: Mr M Clarke, for Clerk to the Trustees, The Mayor's Office, Civic Centre, High Street, Surrey, KT10 9SD, or send it via email.

Please download our information sheet for more information about the charity.

** Privacy Statement about the charity's compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what we will do with your personal information.

Meetings of the Mayor of Elmbridge Trust Fund Trustees

The Mayor of Elmbridge Trust Fund Trustees meet at regular intervals throughout the year to consider applications for financial assistance. The forthcoming meeting dates of the Trustees are as follows:

  • Wednesday 22 June 2022 - fully completed application forms need to be submitted by Friday 10 June 2022
  • Wednesday 14 September 2022 - fully completed application forms need to be submitted by Friday 2 September 2022
  • Wednesday 14 December 2022 - fully completed application forms need to be submitted by Friday 2 December 2022
  • Wednesday 15 March 2023 - fully completed application forms need to be submitted by Friday 3 March 2023

Please note that the Mayor of Elmbridge Trust Fund has limited resources and endeavours to help as many people as possible. The Trustees wish to encourage potential applicants to consider obtaining goods via the Surrey Reuse Network or other Charitable Shops where appropriate. The Surrey Reuse Network aims to find new homes for unwanted furniture and kitchen appliances, and offers a wide range of good quality items at affordable prices. The network is made up of local charities who all aim to support local communities, families in need; as well as offering training and employment opportunities.

For more information on other funding please see our Grant and funding webpage.

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